“I feel that there’s no higher job or calling in life than being a Father. I feel that my entire life has been God equipping and preparing me for this adventure. It’s the ultimate picture of grace and the very heartbeat of God. I know for me personally, I didn’t necessarily have the best father figure growing up, and for years it caused me pain and frustration. I guess I’m just most excited about giving a child a chance to be fully seen, heard, and loved.”



“I can’t wait to be a Mom! I can hardly contain the amount of love that I have stored up in my bones for our baby and our little growing family. Adoption has always been a huge passion of mine. It’s exciting and surreal that God would choose us to do this, and that He is finally opening the door for us to walk through. I’m down to do whatever it takes to bring our little one home. Wherever you are, Baby Pumilia, just know that you are SO loved, adored, cherished, and an answer to so many prayers.”



“It’s true. I’m ready for a Best Friend. Someone that I can play with all day long. Honestly, I’m also trying to figure out if I can teach em how to give me more treats. There’s always a need for more treats. I’m gonna cry when you get here.”